Sewer Cleaning

Jet Vac Cleaning

North American Pipeline Services proudly maintains a fleet of Vactor and Vac-Con sewer cleaning combination trucks manufactured here in the USA. Our skilled and trained operators bring decades of experience to various job sites throughout the Northeast every day. Utilizing custom-fitted high-pressure jet nozzles and high-flow vacuum technology, NAP has been providing Jet Vac cleaning services and other sanitary sewer and storm drain solutions — like clearing grease blockages, cutting intruding roots and removing settled debris — for more than 40 years.

Cleaning of Storm Filtration Device Structures

Blockages within storm-water pipes and structures can lead to flooding, property damage and contaminated local waterways. Removing sand, rocks and litter from catch basins and storm sewers is the first step toward identifying problematic pipes and ensuring rainwater is properly removed from ground level. Whether responding to emergency weather events or establishing a routine maintenance program, municipalities and contractors count on NAP to keep their storm-water systems running at full capacity.

Sanitary Wet Well Cleaning

In order to prevent damage to lift station/wet-well pumps, routing cleaning and removal of rags, grease and other undesirable items is highly recommended . Careful surface skimming and precise power-washing can help extend the life of key assets in a gravity sewer system. Debris (sand and grit), which can accumulate at the bottom of the holding tank as well as at incoming lines, should also be removed through the use of jetting and vacuuming.

Scheduled Maintenance Programs Available

Routine sewer and storm-water cleanings and subsequent CCTV pipeline assessments are crucial steps in avoiding line blockages, manhole back-ups, street and house flooding, sinkholes and more. Preventative maintenance can be the greatest ally in extending the life of underground utilities. Inflow and infiltration can not only cause skyrocketing sewer bills but also lead to irreparable damage and costly excavations.

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