A culvert is used for channeling and directing water and is typically found underneath trails, roads, railways, and embankments. Culverts vary in size and play an important role by collecting and channeling excess water and reducing flooding and erosion. Culvert cleaning is a necessary process for ensuring they are not blocked and can work effectively. Having scheduled maintenance for a culvert is the best way to avoid any major issues.

NAP Culvert Cleaning Services

North American Pipeline specializes in cleaning, unblocking and providing overall servicing to culverts of all sizes in any location. We utilize a fleet of Vactor and Vac Con trucks with a variety of technology specially designed for the capability of tackling culvert cleaning and clearing out complex drain and sewer systems. We use high pressure water jets and powerful vacuums to remove any debris and keep water flowing quickly and smoothly.

What you can expect from NAP’s culvert cleaning service:

  • A thorough culvert inspection checking for damage or separations
  • A combination of CCTV inspection and hands on entry methods
  • A vacuum truck fleet specifically designed to service any location, even offroad
  • A dedicated & experienced team to handle equipment and provide thorough inspection and cleaning
  • We will check for signs of erosion, joint separation, or structural damage and provide repairs when possible.

Many culverts, despite the awareness of the environmental hazards they can prevent, often go without maintenance for long periods of time. With the rise of trenchless technology the need to dig up the surrounding land is no longer always necessary. With these new methods, NAP can provide efficient and unobtrusive inspections and maintenance on culverts that have been previously overlooked.

Schedule a Culvert Cleaning

With years of experience in the field, NAP will bring you the best possible culvert cleaning service in the area at a reasonable cost. We’ll get the job done in the shortest possible window to avoid disruption without sacrificing any quality and attention in our work. Contact us today to discuss your culvert cleaning needs.