Video Pipe Inspection | CCTV Digital Recordings

CCTV sewer inspections provide precise surveying of sanitary and storm pipes with the ability to pinpoint defects, discover buried structures, locate lateral property connections and more. NAP deploys a wide array of CUES, IBAK, Cobra and Aries TV trucks capable of documenting lines of any nearly any diameter. Our video pipe inspection technology includes steerable tractors, wheeled or tracked crawlers, laser-measuring and high-definition zooming to highlight some of the myriad capabilities available for varying pipe conditions including mud, sand, grit, rocks, offset joints, line bends and more.

Detailed, Customizable Reports

Engineers and inspectors rely on North American Pipeline’s NASSCO-certified operators to make informed decisions that help prevent property damage and costly road work. Accurate reporting of existing pipe conditions helps determine a pipe segment’s likelihood of failure and whether repair or replacement is necessary. All CCTV surveys from our video pipe inspection include a DVD and defect listing report, which document problems like improper mainline and lateral installations, debris blockages, infiltration and collapses.