Vacuum Truck Services

At North American Pipeline Services, we maintain a fleet of Vactor and Vac-Con sewer cleaning combination trucks manufactured here in the USA. Our trucks are an integral part of our many services. Our skilled and trained operators have years of experience using them on a variety of different jobs such as Jet Vac cleaning, clearing grease trap blockages, and sewer and storm drain cleaning. The trucks utilize custom-fitted high-pressure jet nozzles and high-flow vacuum technology to get your pipes as clean as if they were newly installed.

Vacuum Truck Services: Vactor & Vac-Con

Vactor Truck

This combination sewer cleaning truck combines high pressure water jetting to break up material causing blockages and then uses a high flow vacuum to clear the pipes of all the excess debris to allow normal flow through your sewer lines.

Vac-Con Truck

Vac-Con creates custom built truck mounted machines for public and private markets on a global scale. NAP utilizes their trucks for our many sewer cleaning services and have found their products to be of the highest quality for vacuum and hydro excavation requirements.

Contact NAP for Vacuum Truck Services

North American Pipeline Services can provide our vacuum truck services to residential, commercial, and municipal locations. Let our experienced team of technology operators provide jet vac cleaning services to your sewer lines and leave them clean and flowing as if they were newly installed. Contact us today to set up a consultation.