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NJ Sewer Replacement Services

NJ Sewer Replacement Services

We are among the leading sewer replacement companies in New Jersey and have years of experience handling a wide variety of sewer issues in a timely and professional manner.

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NJ Sewer Repair Services

NJ Sewer Repair Services

North American Pipeline Services (NAP) has a skilled team of trained operators who bring decades of experience to commercial and residential sewer repair service jobs every day.

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Sewer Cleaning

Sewer Cleaning

NAP has nearly 50 years’ worth of sewer cleaning experience — and our fleet is outfitted to clean pipes of any size, shape and condition.

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No Dig Trenchless Technology Repairs

CIPP lining, UV spot repairs, manhole and catch basin relining, grout injection repairs, service connection to mainline connections.

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Storm Drain Cleaning

In New Jersey, it is probably a good idea to have storm drain cleaning performed periodically, in order to avoid the build up causing extensive damage that could cost a great deal to remedy.

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Sanitary Sewer Cleaning in New Jersey

A sanitary sewer is a series of pipes buried underground designed for transporting sewage from homes and commercial buildings to treatment facilities that can properly dispose of the waste material. Sanitary sewers are part of the overall system of pipes that make up a sewage system.

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About Us

North American Pipeline (NAP) is New Jersey’s premier water and sewer service provider for both the private and public sectors. Founded in 1973 as a sewer cleaning and inspection company, NAP now covers the full spectrum of pipework from traditional sewer and stormwater maintenance programs to no-dig trenchless technology pipe rehabilitation. NAP also offers hydro-excavations, open excavation site work, pipe and structure repairs, and installations. 

What Our Clients Say


The quality of the work was top notch and performed with the essence of time in mind. I would highly recommend them for further pipe cleaning work.

JohnPaul Loebs, Project Engineer

I would highly recommend NAP for further pipe cleaning and video inspection services and in fact have already referred them to other clients as well as to my colleagues for use on their projects.

Sean A. Delany, PE, PP, CME, Senior Project Manager

All the equipment they use is up to date and current with today’s technology. I would recommend North American Pipeline Services to anyone in need of any of the above mentioned services.

Harry Robbins NJDEP, Licensed C-3 Operator

Clean, quick and professional work was performed. I would highly recommend your company to any municipality or anybody looking for camera work, jetting, cleaning of sewer lines.

Joe Floudas, Supervisor Water and Sewer

“North American Pipeline Services, LLC. has always provided our company with high quality work, on time and dependable service and in our opinion is rated second to none. We are glad to have such a partner within the environmental industry that we can depend on for premier quality service.”

Michael Dello, General Manager

Our Leadership

Meet Our Team

We are a single source leader in the pipeline service industry providing top notch customer service and customer satisfaction. We are committed to maintaining excellence, respect, and professionalism in all aspects of our operations, striving to expand our services to meet our customers’ needs.

Tom Mullen

Owner/Managing Member

Paul Kocher

Clean & Video Inspection Manager/Estimator

Bill Jones

Trenchless Technology Manager

Justin Bucchianico

Open Excavation Project Manager/ Estimator

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The mechanics of industry is easy. The real engine is the people :

“Their motivation and direction.”

Ken Gilbert

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