Hydro Excavation

Hydro excavation, also called vacuum excavation, offers a safer, more controlled method for exposing underground utilities than traditional mechanical digging. Using high-pressure water and sensitive vacuum suction tubes, hydro excavation is also more cost effective by using less crew members and having less restoration work once the excavation is completed. North American Pipeline has the tools and a dedicated team to perform hydro excavation services in a timely and effective manner.

When Should You Use Hydro Excavation?

Excavations can be a dangerous job, and every year there are many injuries and even deaths as a result of poor excavation planning. A lot of this can be avoided by utilizing vacuum & hydro excavation techniques and tools. Essentially, if you need to have excavation done, it is in your best interest to use hydro excavation instead of simply digging down to the underground structure you are trying to reach. On top of being the safer option, it is also cost-effective and beneficial for the following reasons:

  • Increased excavation speed
  • Clean and easily contained
  • Effective in most types of soil
  • More productive than open pit/backfill methods
  • More precise than conventional excavation methods

North American Pipeline Services uses hydro excavation in many of its services, including sewer cleaning and sewer repair and replacement. We try to disturb the land as little as possible so many of our services have no digging involved, including our no-dig trenchless technology repairs. For our services that require getting to a buried structure, we prefer hydro excavation for all the reasons we have laid out.

Contact North American Pipeline Regarding Hydro Excavation

If you have any questions regarding excavation, or would like to hire North American Pipeline’s excavation experts to provide any of our services, contact us today. We’ll do the job quickly and cleanly and leave you satisfied with the result.