Spin Cast Lining

NAP is the only certified spin cast applicator for Quadex GeoKrete geopolymer structural rehabilitation mortar in the state of New Jersey. GeoKrete provides superior corrosion resistance, increases structural integrity and stops groundwater infiltration for storm and sanitary pipes, structures and treatment facilities. The material is precisely applied with uniform consistency to existing corrugated metal, concrete, brick or stone pipes greater than 30” internal diameter and culverts, tunnels, manholes, catch basins, wet-wells, treatment plants. The Quadex Lining System has received a “reduced carbon footprint” certification by SCS Global Services and offers a fast, non-invasive and cost-effective solution for failing collection systems.

Features and Benefits of Spin Cast Lining

There are a variety of relining and repair methods available when it comes to pipes. Here are just a few of the features and benefits of the spin cast lining method over other similar relining methods:

  • Precision blended and mixed material allows for high measures of quality control.
  • Forms a monolithic, inorganic polymer structure for much higher resistance to acids and greater surface durability.
  • Cures through poly-condensation and bonds to itself — the liner can be applied in layers and under multiple mobilizations.
  • Easily navigates pipe deformities, deep pipes, pipe bends, non-round pipes, slopes and separated joints.
  • Cheaper and less invasive than many alternative pipe repair methods and can be applied in a fraction of the time it takes to replace sections of pipe.
  • Spin cast application requires less capacity reduction than CIPP or slip lining, and can be utilized on pipes that are too far gone for those methods. It is also less expensive than CIPP or slip lining.

Reach Out To NAP About Spin Cast Lining

If you know or suspect that your sewer pipes are in need of repairs and think spin cast lining may be a solution, Contact North American Pipeline Services today. We’ll discuss your pipe issues and visit your home to diagnose any issues if necessary.