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About North American Pipeline Services LLC

The History of North American Pipeline

North American Pipeline was founded in 1974 in Lakewood, New Jersey. In 1984, Mr. Fred Choppy acquired and operated North American Pipeline. When Mr. Choppy was ready to retire, Thomas Mullen IV, a family friend of the Choppy’s with more than 20 years in the underground utility industry, purchased NAP in December 2012.

Tom quickly grew North American Pipeline Services LLC by incorporating services beyond jet-vac cleaning and CCTV inspections as well as securing larger-scale, higher profile public projects. NAP now provides hydro-excavation, full service replacement and repairs to existing utilities and installation of new storm drain, sanitary sewer and potable water systems.

In recent years, NAP has become a force within the no-dig “trenchless” technology repair solution sector. Services include CIPP lateral lining, UV spot repairs, mechanical joint seals and sleeves, manhole and catch basin relining, grout injection of manholes, mains and laterals, and service lateral to main connector utilizing UV technology.

We are the leaders in the pipeline service industry providing top notch customer service and customer satisfaction. We are committed to maintaining excellence, respect and professionalism in all aspects of our operations, striving to expand our services to meet our customers’ needs.


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