Storm Drain Cleaning Services

Just as sewer pipes can accumulate debris and cause all sorts of frustrating issues, storm drains can become obstructed and blocked over time which can prevent a proper flow of water. Of the many issues that can arise, flooding is probably the most common and most potentially damaging to your property. At North American Pipeline Services, our team is trained and experienced in diagnosing storm drain issues and performing thorough storm drain cleaning that will prevent any of the common drainage system issues.

How Often Should Storm Drain Cleaning be Performed?

In New Jersey, it is probably a good idea to have storm drain cleaning performed periodically, in order to avoid the build up causing extensive damage that could cost a great deal to remedy. Storm drain overflow can lead to substantial soil erosion in the surrounding area. Some of the many things that can cause build up in your storm drains include the following.

  • Trash
  • Leaves, sticks and other natural debris
  • Oil and grease for cars and other vehicles
  • Antifreeze
  • Pesticides and lawn fertilizers

Storm Drain Cleaning Process

Using our vacuum truck fleet, our primary method of storm drain cleaning is through high pressure water jets that can easily break up debris. Our Jet Vac services are designed for a number of difference uses and include high flow vacuum technology on top of the high pressure water jets. There are a number of benefits to the storm drain cleaning process we use.

  • Remove blockages
  • Reduce potentially harmful bacteria growth
  • Prevent soil erosion
  • Prevent flooding

No matter the problem, the NAP team can get your drains back into tip top shape.

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