Sewer Rehabilitation

CIPP Lateral Lining

CIPP, or Cured In Place Pipe, represents minimal disturbance and maximum cost efficiency when it comes to rehabilitating aging lateral-to-mainline connections. The existing pipe is cleaned and measured before a felt liner is impregnated (wetted-out) with a two-part resin that hardens (cures) within two hours after the liner is blown through the existing pipe. While the host pipe loses a small amount of diameter, the flow speed is actually increased due to the smooth, seamless liner material.

UV- and Ambient-Cure Spot Repairs

UV- and ambient-cure cure spot repairs are a quick and practical fix for section repairs where open excavation or other solutions prove challenging or more costly. When one or several adjoining pipe sections begin to deteriorate (cracking, fracturing, root growth, water infiltration, offsetting or separating joints, etc.), a UV- or ambient-cure spot liner eliminates the need for traditional “dig and replace” repairs.

Mechanical Joint Seals & Sleeves

Typically used to repair cracked sections of cast iron pipe without disrupting or bypassing flow, mechanical sleeves are placed around the damaged pipe and secured in place. The sleeves offer relief from leaks caused by pipe cracking, damaged bells and joint issues.

Manhole & Catch Basin Relining

NAP is a partner of Quadex Lining Systems, a member of the Vortex Infrastructure family, and proudly applies GeoKrete Geopolymer Repair Mortar and Quad-Plug Cement Mix to manholes and catch basins in need of rehabilitation. By using the industry’s most advanced blend of sustainable materials, Quadex provides corrosion resistance, adds structural integrity and stops groundwater infiltration.

Grout Injection of Manholes, Mains and Laterals

Grouting is a widely practiced chemical application that yields an impermeable, flexible gel designed to seal soil and groundwater infiltration. There are four areas where infiltration — which can cause severe problems within a sewer system — typically occurs: lateral joints, lateral-to-main connections, mainline joints and manholes. Sewer lines and manholes are tested and sealed in order to verify leaks and soil have stopped entering the system.

Lateral-to-Main Connect Utilizing UV Technology

Often house lateral connections are improperly tied into mainline sewers at the street, and the point where the lateral and mainline meet can be a source of groundwater and soil infiltration. Resembling a “top hat” once installed, the lateral-to-mainline connection repair — combined with grouting and lateral lining — can eliminate infiltration while ensuring a proper lateral-to-main connection fitting and guaranteed functionality for decades.