Who is Responsible for Sewer Line Repair in New Jersey?

When there is a blockage or break in a pipe in your home, it goes without saying that the responsibility will fall on you, the homeowner, to have it repaired or replaced. However, as the pipes move away from your home, it becomes a little less clear whose responsibility it is to make repairs. We don’t expect everyone to have this knowledge, so we’ll help you understand when sewer line repair becomes your problem, and when it is the responsibility of the municipality you live in.

What Separates Public and Private Sewer Lines?

Sewage pipes are either the responsibility of the property owner or the water company. The best way to determine which is to consult your local government or utility company. They will have a map containing a detailed breakdown of sewage lines in and around every home. The age of the pipes can also affect whether they fall under the jurisdiction of the water company.

Private Sewer Lines

Private sewer lines belong to the homeowner and are typically the length of sewage pipe from the public line extending up to the home. Only licensed sewer contractors can conduct residential sewer repairs or sewer cleaning.

Who to Reach Out to for Sewer Line Repair

If it appears as though a main sewer pipe is causing a problem, you should reach out to the public water utility company in your area. It is their responsibility to repair or replace the sewer line if necessary. If the problem originates inside your home or in the private lines leading away from your home, you should hire a contractor to come and make the appropriate repairs. With no dig trenchless technology, repairs can often be done in a cost effective manner without requiring the homeowners to re-landscape afterwards.

Contact NAP Regarding Sewer Line Repair

If you think you are having a sewer line issue and need to have a professional take a look, contact North American Pipeline Services today. Our team can provide quick and stress-free sewer line repair and replacement if required.