5 Signs You May Have a Broken Sewer Line

It can be difficult to realize when you have a sewer line issue before things get really dire. Your pipes are buried underground or hidden behind walls, so it isn’t a matter of just seeing a blockage or a break. Waiting for the worst to happen is not a great strategy, so we’ll break down some of the signs you should look for that may hint at a broken sewer line or blockage. You may need to have your sewer line repaired or replaced or perhaps a sewer cleaning can help the problem.

1) Easily & Frequently Clogged Drains

If your sinks or toilets are frequently getting clogged, it may be that a greater underlying problem with your sewer line is the cause. If the problem is confined to a single sink or toilet, then the problem is likely occurring in that specific drain. Getting a sewer inspection can help you discover where issues are originating.

2) Soggy or Lush Grass Patches

If you notice that there is a patch of your yard where the grass is greener or it appears constantly soggy, it is likely there is a broken sewer line underneath. Sewage acts as a fertilizer which will provide nutrients to whatever grass lies above the damage section of pipe.

3) Unusual Odors

If you smell gassy or unsavory odors in or around your home, chances are you may have a broken sewer line. Sewer lines are designed in such a way that you should never be smelling these odors unless a major problem has occurred in one the pipes.

4) Insect or Rodent Problem

Rats and Insects are attracted to the odors created by a leaking sewer line. If you notice an increase in activity of either, there is a chance you may need to reach out for a sewer inspection to find where the repair needs to take place.

5) Septic Waste in Yard

This is an obvious sign that there could be a broken sewer line in the area underneath the waste. In cases like this, you should schedule for an inspection as soon as possible because there is clearly something that needs to be rectified.

Contact NAP Regarding a Broken Sewer Line

Don’t wait until it becomes obvious that you have a broken sewer line. If you notice any of these signs, reach out for an inspection. The skilled team at North American Pipeline Services has the proper equipment and experience to get the job done right. Contact us today to learn more.