NJ Sewer Repair Services

North American Pipeline Services (NAP) has a skilled team of trained operators who bring decades of experience to commercial and residential sewer repair service jobs every day. We are among the leading sewer repair companies in New Jersey and have years of experience handling a wide variety of sewer issues in a timely and professional manner. We use a number of techniques to fix sewer line problems and always use the tools at our disposal to cause as little damage to the landscape surrounding the pipes.

New Jersey Sewer Repair Services

In many sewer repair situations, NAP will utilize trenchless sewer repair methods to get the job done correctly without needing to do any invasive digging in your yard. Through state of the art pipe lining methods, we can repair crack or broken pipe through existing openings.

Many of our sewer repair jobs are a result of the following issues with sewer pipes:

  • Tree roots cracking and invading the sewer line
  • General sewer pipe corrosion over time
  • Sewer lines that have “bellied” and have cracked as a result
  • Pipes that have shifted due to changes in the surrounding soil or nearby construction
  • Leaking joints between sections of pipe

Many of these problems can be prevented through sewer cleaning services or a preventative maintenance program which can help to pinpoint any potential problems before they occur.

How Much Do Sewer Repair Services Cost?

Without looking at the specific damage or work that needs to be done on your sewer lines it isn’t possible to provide a concrete estimate of the cost. When it comes to sewer repair services, the cost will ultimately depend on several factors including:

  • Sewer pipe material
  • Geographic location, accessibility, and required method of excavation
  • Repairing vs replacing
  • Extent of repairs
  • Complexity of repairs
  • Camera inspection
  • Cleanup

If traditional excavation is required, it is going to cost more than if the repairs can be accomplished through trenchless repair methods.

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Who is Responsible For Sewer Repairs in NJ?

When there is a blockage or break in a pipe in your home, it goes without saying that the responsibility will fall on you, the homeowner, to have it repaired or replaced. However, as the pipes move away from your home, you may not be the responsible party. The best way to find out whether a sewer line is a property owners responsibility or the responsibility of the water company is to reach out to your local government or utility company.

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Why Choose NAP for NJ Sewer Repair Services

At NAP, we pride ourselves on being able to solve any of your sewer problems at an affordable cost and in minimum time. Many other sewer repair companies will push trenchless sewer repair even when it may be cheaper to do a small amount of excavation to reach the damaged portion of the pipe. It may not be necessary to re-line the entire pipe. This is why it is beneficial to you to find an experienced sewer repair company who can offer you the cheapest of a variety of solutions.

Damaged sewer lines can be difficult to diagnose right off the bat. Sewer and drain lines are underground so it will require our team to come out to your home and try to find the problem as quickly as we can. On top of sewer repairs we are also able to perform a variety of other related services.

Contact NAP About Sewer Repair & Related Services

We offer emergency services and free consultations, so if you are looking for an expert sewer repair company, look no further. NAP is located in Freehold Township in Monmouth County, New Jersey and we provided our services throughout the state. Request a quote, fill out our contact form, or call us at (732) 625-9300.