If you are looking for a contractor for sewer installation or sewer replacement, North American Pipeline Services has an experienced team of skilled technicians, operators and laborers who can get the job done in a suitable time frame. We are one of the leading sewer service companies in all of New Jersey.

How Sewer Installation Works (New or Replacement Lines)

Sewer Installation is a large undertaking and the process is intensive. Unlike many of the sewer repair methods we use at North American Pipeline Services, sewer installation requires that the land be excavated before new pipelines can be laid. There are many aspects that need to be considered when installing new sewer lines such as slope and elevation of the land that needs to be excavated.

Most sewer repair methods can be done using trenchless technology, which makes those jobs generally quicker, easier and less invasive.

Brief Overview of the Sewer Installation Process

  • Our team will determine how long the sewer lines will be while assessing slope and elevation in the area where the pipes will be placed.
  • After accounting for slope and elevation, we’ll figure out the way the pipe will be angled in order to maintain proper flow of material through the pipe to avoid clogs.
  • Next, a trench will be excavated where the sewer installation will occur. The dirt will be smooth and loose dirt will be removed. Sometimes material, such as sand, will be added for support and to avoid sagging into the soil.
  • When the trench is ready the sewer pipes will be laid down.
  • After the pipes are laid and installed, technicians will check for broken or disconnected sections before covering it with sand or gravel and compacting it with specialized equipment.

Contact NAP Regarding Sewer Installation

If you need to have new sewer pipes installed or are looking to replace old pipe, contact NAP today. Our team is highly efficient and can get your sewer lines in working order as soon as possible.