Trenchless Technology vs. Traditional Excavation

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There was a time when excavating the area surrounding a pipe was necessary to do any legitimate repairs or replacement of the sewer system. While excavation is still a common method that is used today, advancements in technology have also provided trenchless repair and replacement options that can be cheaper, quicker, and most importantly, less intrusive. In order to fully assess whether excavation is necessary, a sewer line inspection is always a good idea. We’ll break down the situations where traditional excavation is the way to go and also when utilizing trenchless technology is the more reasonable method.

Trenchless Technology

Trenchless construction work has become a popular sewer repair and replacement method due to the fact that it requires little to no digging or disruption to the landscape surrounding a sewer line. Older excavation methods would disrupt the traffic in an area as well as require extra work to get the landscape back to the way it was.

Some construction methods that can be achieved through trenchless technology include:

Traditional Excavation

While the virtues of trenchless technology are undeniable, not all sewer issues can be resolved this way. In many cases where the repairs or replacements are large scale, traditional excavation will actually end up being the quicker and easier option. Trenchless technology is also beneficial for paved areas where excavation is more damaging. Traditional excavation can be the cheaper method in non-paved locations.

Some situations where traditional excavation has the advantage include:

  • Collapsed pipe
  • Severely damaged or broken pipe
  • Heavy blockages (commonly caused by root invasion)
  • Replacement of large stretches of pipeline

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