Why You Should Get Video Pipe Inspection Before Final Paving

video pipe inspection before final paving

If you’ve had work done on your pipes and are going to be repaving the ground above, having a CCTV video pipe inspection is always a good idea. There are a number of benefits to doing this. Most importantly, video pipe inspections are a cheap and easy way to pinpoint any problems with older underground pipes and make sure new pipes have been properly installed and won’t cause any future problems that might result in your pavement needing to be excavated and repaved. Video pipe inspection can reach the lines within a house and extend as far as the intersection of a sewer line to the municipal main. It is a very effective way to pinpoint damage or blockages.

Video Pipe Inspection Process

Video pipe inspection is carried out using a high-resolution video camera that is connected to a flexible fiber optic scope. The technology is made of extremely durable materials and can handle even the toughest sewer inspection jobs. An LED light is attached in order to clearly see along the inside of the pipes.

Technicians will monitor a live feed as the camera travels through the pipe. An experienced technician will be able to pinpoint any current issues or even identify areas they may cause problems in the future.

What Problems Can Be Addressed Through Video Pipe Inspection

Video pipe inspection is a modern tool that has made identifying pipe issues much easier than it was in the past. Some of the things video pipe inspection can be used to address include:

  • Grease clogs and buildups
  • Breakages
  • Corrosion
  • Punctures
  • Root intrusions
  • Determine layout, grade, and depth of utility and sewer pipes
  • Identify points of misalignment
  • Detect potential weak points or future problems

Reach Out Regarding Video Pipe Inspection Before Paving

There is no better time to have your pipe inspected than before having pavement finalized. If a problem is discovered, it is better to have it resolved and put off paving until after your pipes are in tip top shape. Contact NAP regarding our video pipe inspection services today.