What You Should Know About Underground Utility Repair

Underground Utility Repair

What are Underground Utilities?

A utility is something that is provided by a public utility company which includes things like electrical, water, sewage, gas, etc. Underground utilities are the pipes and cables that transport these things to and from buildings and houses within a community. Performing an underground utility repair can be a complex process that can require excavation or digging to reach the damage. Without the proper equipment or properly locating all underground utilities in the area, attempts to fix a problem can end up causing even more issues. Hiring a professional service to perform your underground utility repairs is the safest and most cost effective solution.

Underground Utility Repair From NAP

If you are looking for underground utility repairs related to sewer lines, drain lines, water lines, or manhole rehabilitation, North American Pipeline (NAP) is the premier water and sewer service provider in the state of New Jersey. We provide a variety of services including but not limited to:

What to Expect in the Construction Zone

If you’ve never dealt with underground utility repairs there are a few things you should expect while the work is being done. Here are a few things to be aware of:

  • Noise – every effort will be made to keep noise to a minimum, but lots of the tools and equipment can be loud.
  • Service Interruptions – in certain cases, the water supply may need to be turned off while work is being done. If necessary those arrangements should be made prior to the work beginning
  • Hazards – multiple hazards like open trenches, dangerous equipment, and harmful materials may be present during a job. Only authorized personnel should be present within the work zone.
  • Neighbor Access – this is usually not an issue but in some cases access to a neighbors yard may be required. It is important to receive signed authorization in advance of starting the work.

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