What is Pipeline Integrity?

Pipeline Integrity

Pipeline integrity is about making sure a pipeline and all the components related to it are functioning properly and not at risk of failing. Essentially, pipeline integrity is about ensuring that pipelines are secure for many years to come. North American Pipeline has an expert team and state of the art equipment designed to properly test pipeline integrity and keep your water and sewer pipelines safe and secure for life. There are a number of services we provide to quickly and effectively pinpoint any flaws in your pipes.

Pipeline Integrity Testing Services

With the rise in use of trenchless technologies, pipeline integrity testing has become a much less invasive procedure. Being able to test whether your pipes need to be repaired or replaced without invasive digging makes the decision to test your pipes much less stressful. One of the primary forms of checking the integrity of an existing pipeline is through CCTV video pipe inspection. This service provides precise surveying on underground pipes that makes it simple to pinpoint defects and locate connections and unknown underground utilities.

Ensuring Pipeline Integrity for Newly Installed Pipes

The team at North American Pipeline has years of experience repairing and replacing pipelines and have the expertise to make sure your pipes will not need to be tested a few years down the line. New pipes should last for decades because the integrity of a new pipeline is strong. NAP’s sewer repair and replacement services come with a quality guarantee. In some cases, a pipeline integrity test will simply reveal that your sewer pipes need to be cleaned and are otherwise structurally sound and will last you for the foreseeable future.

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If you are having issues with your pipes or think your pipes may be near a point where the pipeline integrity is becoming an issue, contact NAP today. Our team of professional pipeline experts will keep your pipes flowing for years to come.