How Long Does a Sewer Pipe Repair Take?

Sewer Rehabilitation

Broken sewer pipes can be nasty business that you are going to want to have fixed as soon as possible. There are cases where sewer line damage can cause sewage to seep onto your property and make a real mess. On top of creating terrible odors, it can also lead to contamination which could lead to illness. If you need to have your sewer pipes repaired, you probably want to know how long it will take to fix. There isn’t one answer to this question because every situation is different and the method we use will affect the timeline. We’ll break down what factors will play a role in how long your sewer pipe repair will take.

What Factors Influence the Sewer Repair Timeline?

It can be tough to give a time estimate on a sewer pipe repair job in advance of actually seeing and assessing the problem. Every property is different and brings unique challenges. Here are some of the key factors that play a role in how long the timeline will be for finishing the job.

  • Size of the pipes – Larger pipes will take more time and effort to replace.
  • Location of clog or damage – Certain areas of the pipe are easier to access for repairs or cleaning.
  • Type of damage – Have tree roots broken through the pipes? Is corrosion the culprit? Different types of damage will require different approaches.
  • Age and material of the pipes – If the pipes are old and made of outdated material, the time it takes to complete can be longer.
  • Repair method – Traditional methods will usually require some digging in order to access the pipes which can take hours and sometimes days depending on the size of the job. Trenchless repairs can usually be completed in a day.

North American Pipeline Sewer Repair Services

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