NJ Sewer Repair Services

Hydrostatic Pressure Testing

Hydrostatic pressure testing utilizes a mechanical pump which increases static line pressure to a specific desired pressure, which is then monitored for a specific time and measured for leakage.

Air Pressure Testing

Air is pneumatically introduced into lines at a specific required test pressure through testing plugs which segment a specific pipe run or location. Once the desired test pressure is achieved, the gauges are then monitored for leakage.

Mandrel Testing

Mandrel tests involve the use of a designated  cage — sized appropriately for the pipe in question — that is pulled through the line to determine if there is any deflection (loss of circular shape). After installation, pipes sometimes lose shape due to pressure from surrounding forces or by accidental mechanical crushing.

Manhole Vacuum Testing

Inflow and infiltration into pipes and structures can cause myriad problems within a sewer system. Manhole vacuum tests provide assurance that groundwater will not make its way into a manhole through cracks or joints and add to sewer bills and unwanted treatment plant volume.