What is a Sanitary Sewer?

A sanitary sewer is a series of pipes buried underground designed for transporting sewage from homes and commercial buildings to treatment facilities that can properly dispose of the waste material. Sanitary sewers are part of the overall system of pipes that make up a sewage system.

What Differentiates Sanitary Sewer and Stormwater Sewer Lines?

Sanitary sewer pipes are located mainly in the street and are connected to pipes coming from your home. This type of pipe transports waste from the sanitary fixtures in your home including sinks, showers, bathtubs, washing machines. On the other hand, stormwater lines are generally much larger as they are carrying any and all rainwater. Usually neighborhoods will have built in drainage ditches to collect and transport rainwater and prevent flooding.

Is Sanitary Sewer Cleaning a Homeowner’s Responsibility?

In New Jersey, sanitary sewer cleaning is the responsibility of the township for main sewer lines, but any pipes that are located on private property (meaning the pipes connecting the main line to your home fixture) are your responsibility as the homeowner.

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Top Quality Sanitary Sewer Cleaning and Related Services

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