Open ExcavationNAP is the single source pipeline service leader because it handles all aspects of sewer and storm pipe repair and rehabilitation in-house – including open cut excavation – meaning less sub-contracting and more efficiency. With decades of experience, comprehensive safety training and highly skilled operators, NAP is skilled in all aspects of trenching, shoring and sewer pipe repair and replacement. In certain situations, excavation is necessary when a sewer line cannot be rehabilitated using trenchless methods.

Open Excavation Procedure

Open excavation is the traditional and most common method of sewer construction, repair, or replacement. While other trenchless methods have become more frequent due to there less intrusive nature, open trench excavation is required in many situations. Open excavation requires digging up portions of the ground to expose an existing pipe or place a new pipe, and then backfilling the trench.

Advantages of Open Excavation

While most people would prefer not to dig up a portion of their property in order to deal with a sewer pipe issue, sometimes it is necessary. Believe it or not, open excavation does have some advantages over other sewer repair and replacement methods.

  • In non-paved areas, open excavation can be cheaper than trenchless alternatives.
  • Most reliable way to deal with pipes that have collapsed, pipes that have broken, and pipes that have been infiltrated by heavy roots.
  • Depending on the size of the area affected and the diameter of the pipe, open excavation is more practical.

Open Excavation From North American Pipeline Services

North American Pipeline Services has been providing open excavation solutions to sewer pipe issues for over three decades. Contact NAP today to discuss your situation and we can send our team out to diagnose your sewer problem and decide if open excavation is the right direction to go in.