Exterior Grease Trap Cleaning

Grease traps serve a number of important functions for the drains and pipes in your kitchen. A grease trap keeps the majority of fats, oils, and greases from mucking up your drains and getting into your septic system and sewer lines. If too much of these materials end up in your drainage system, hazardous material can build up and you may need to hire a contractor for sewer cleaning or sewer repair and replacement.

General Tips for Exterior Grease Trap Cleaning

While it is important to have a thorough grease trap cleaning regularly, especially for places like restaurants, delis, bakeries and other food related industries, there are some basic things you can do to avoid major grease trap issues.

  • Use specific enzymes and solvents to clean your grease trap
  • Remove as much waste and food as possible from your sinks and from dishes before cleaning
  • Avoid pouring boiling water on grease trap
  • Hire professionals for full cleaning

There are a lot of issues that can arise from trying to do a full grease trap cleaning on your own. Grease trap cleaning professionals have the right tools and experience to install and clean grease traps so they will function properly when in use.

How Often Should Your Grease Trap be Professionally Cleaned?

If you’re running a restaurant or other food-related business, you’ll want to have your system professionally cleaned every few months. 90 days is typically the longest you should go without a cleaning. If we’re talking about home kitchen grease traps, you can probably get away with cleaning less frequently. However, the grease traps are generally much smaller which affects how much they can deal with.

Contact NAP for Grease Trap Cleaning, Repair, or Installation

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