Pipe Replacement in New Jersey

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If you own an older home in New Jersey or you are frequently dealing with plumbing issues in your home, it may be time for a pipe replacement. Many pipes from before the 70s and 80s are made with material that is outdated and has already reached the end of its lifespan. There are a few basic ways you can decide for yourself whether you need to reach out for pipe replacement services.

Pipe Replacement Based on Age

The pipes surrounding older homes in New Jersey were not made with the high quality materials that are used for sewer lines. If you have an idea of what your pipes are made of and how old your home is, you can make an informed decision about moving forward with pipe replacement.

  • Galvanized Steel – 80 to 100 year lifespan
  • Brass – 80 to 100 year lifespan
  • Copper – 70 to 80 year lifespan
  • Cast Iron – Up to 100 year lifespan
  • PVC – 25 to 40 year lifespan

Pipe Replacement Based of Damage

Even if your pipes have not reach the expected lifespan, it is possible that there may be signs of damage or decay that could require action. We’ll break down some of the obvious signs you may require a pipe replacement:

  • Leaks – If your pipes are leaking it is one of the most clear signs your pipes need to be repaired or likely replaced.
  • Low Water Pressure – Often low water pressure can be due to clogs or blocked pipes which can be resolved through sewer cleaning, but it can also be due to damage or broken pipes.
  • Recently Purchased Home – If you have moved into an older home, consider having the pipes checked. They may have exceeded a reasonable lifespan.
  • Metallic Taste and Pipe Rust – If your water starts to become discolored and begins to have a metallic taste, you may need to call a pipe replacement service right away.

Pipe Replacement Services From North American Pipeline

The professionals at North American Pipeline Services are experts on pipe replacement and repair and serve throughout all of New Jersey. If you need to have your pipes assessed, contact us today to receive a quote.