Dealing With a Frozen Sewer Line

Frozen Sewer Line

Can a Main Sewer Line Freeze?

The simple answer to this question is yes. While it is less likely for your main sewer line to freeze than any of the individual pipes in your home, it can happen under certain freezing conditions. A frozen main sewer line can be catastrophic for every drain and plumbing fixture in your home, and if the pipe happens to burst, things can get even worse. All the sewage in the line can end up being released into the soiling and pooling in your lawn.

How to Thaw a Frozen Sewer Line

It is possible to thaw out a frozen sewer line, but given the delicate nature of the situation, the recommended course of action would be to contact a professional sewer service company. A professional sewer team can quickly identify the issue and how best to go about thawing the pipe without causing damage. While most people would like to try to thaw the pipe on their own or attempt a DIY method, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. If your thawing method goes wrong you may be in a more costly situation than you would be if you had left it to the professionals to solve.

Preventing Frozen Sewer Lines

Assuming a sewer line is properly installed, freezing should likely not be an issue. Main sewer lines are often installed below the frost line which should keep it safe from freezing temperatures. However, the location of the pipe and the type of soil surrounding it will factor into whether freezing could become an issue. Proper insulation is also important for keeping freezing temperatures from reaching the main line. A professional sewer services team can take a look at your sewer lines and quickly diagnose any areas that could be improved to prevent frozen sewer lines from happening in the future.

Contact NAP About Frozen Sewer Lines

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