Catch Basin Cleaning

A catch basin, sometimes called a storm drain inlet or curb inlet, is a control measure in a storm drainage system that includes a grate or curb inlet where stormwater enters. The catch basin captures debris and sediment to keep your pipes and drains clean. Without proper catch basin cleaning and routine maintenance, your storm drain system will start to fill with debris and can cause problematic blockages or damage to the pipes.

Do I Need Catch Basin Cleaning?

If you are getting a lot of stormwater going into your pipes and the catch basin is getting backed up, you run the risk of flooding that could otherwise be avoided. To deal with catch basin cleaning there are two main approaches you can take, with costs associated with both approaches:

  • You can have inspections done once or twice a year and cleanings can be performed as necessary.
    • With this option, you will be paying for the inspections themselves as well as the cleanings when they occur. The benefit of this approach is knowing the fees associated and there are less financial surprises. There is far less risk of flooding or blockages.
  • The other approach would be to address problems as they arise and reach out the a catch basin cleaning service at that time.
    • This option may lead to unexpected costs and potentially destructive damage caused by flooding, but you may save money if you can manage a cleaning before any major issues.

We recommend the first option, but we understand it is sometimes easier to tackle problems as they occur.

Catch Basin Cleaning Strategies

Some of the catch basin cleaning strategies we utilize through our vacuum truck fleet include:

Need to Schedule a Catch Basin Cleaning Service?

If you would like to schedule preventative or routine catch basin cleaning, North American Pipeline Services has the equipment and experience you need. Our services are also available on an as-needed basis. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.